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Math Exercises


Our Math Workbooks offer support for teachers using any curriculum. The activities included in the workbooks provide opportunities for children to engage in productive struggle.


Looking to teach your students about specific topics and provide engaging experiences? With our custom resources, you can focus on what matters most to you and your students while still effectively teaching grade-level standards.

This option is perfect for teachers, school leaders, and organization leaders who don't require a complete curriculum. Our cost-effective resources allow you to prioritize the learning experiences that are important to you without sacrificing the quality of your students' education.

Teacher and Young Student


Amber D. Williams is the founder of Education is Everything, LLC. With over twelve years of experience as an elementary educator, Amber has gained valuable insights into creating effective teaching resources. Her self-created products have led to significant overall growth in her students, fostering engagement, motivation, and personal development.

Amber has mainly served students who belong to underserved communities. She believes in holding all students to high expectations and ensuring they receive the same high-quality instruction as their peers in other communities. In addition, she believes in holistic teaching that goes beyond academics, including:

  • Enlightening students about their culture, community, and the world

  • Informing them of real-world situations, events, and people

  • Helping them build positive character and limitless confidence

  • Exposing them to unfamiliar experiences

  • Engaging them in relevant and interesting topics

All of Amber's varied resources serve as evidence of her commitment to her students' success. Click here to learn more.

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