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All-Inclusive Math is a comprehensive Math curriculum that is fully aligned to state standards. We create our curriculum with everyone involved in mind.

District & School Considerations:

  • Our curriculum provides cohesiveness that makes it easy for students across schools and grade levels to 

  • Our curriculum comes with many tools needed for support. Tools include pacing guides, unpacking documents, intervention resources, etc. 

Teacher Considerations:

  • Our curriculum addresses the common issue many teachers face of wanting to create authentic experiences and relevant information while adhering to district guidelines. 

  • Our curriculum considers all teachers as the individuals they are. All-Inclusive Math is specially crafted to support teachers' flexibility, teaching styles, strengths, and challenges.

  • Our curriculum has all the resources you'll need, but not the resources you don't. As educators, our curriculum experts have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed and confused by too many resources in curriculum. With this in mind, we carefully designed each resource to maximize learning potential.

Student Considerations:

  • All students deserve access to high-quality resources that prepares them to compete globally for jobs and opportunities in the future. 

  • Students should have a combination of resources that push their thinking, ignites their creativity, and helps them improve holistically. 

Family Considerations:

  • Our curriculum addresses the misunderstandings of Math standards. It's often said this is "new" Math. Math is not new, there is a just a new respect to students' individual way of thinking. Our curriculum include many parent support resources that does not only tell them what is being learned, but helps them understand why it is being learned. 

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We specialize in making our curriculums relevant and include authentic experiences. We strategically do this, but realize that relevancy can differ among people. Our solution to this is custom curriculum designing that includes what is relevant to students in your district, schools, and classrooms. Our skilled curriculum designers have proven success of integrating various skills, topics, and experiences into rigorous, standard-aligned curriculum.

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