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At Education is Everything, LLC, we are a team of dedicated curriculum developers who are passionate about providing holistic support to all students. We believe in the importance of standards-aligned, high-quality resources that encourage critical thinking, creativity, and productive struggle. Our approach to learning is rooted in relevance and authenticity, ensuring that students are engaged in meaningful experiences that are applicable to their daily lives.

We believe that education should not only promote academic growth, but also enhance students' overall quality of life through character development, skill acquisition, and exposure to diverse real-world topics. We are committed to providing resources that support students in becoming well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to thrive in today's world.


Our mission is to develop the whole child through rigorous, standards-aligned resources that incorporate relevant, authentic experiences.

We envision a world where every child has equal access to exceptional resources that enrich their daily lives and equip them for a prosperous future.


Modern Classroom
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